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In a nutshell, we provide the Edge dental practice management software to England, Wales and the Isle of Man. It is fully featured, very competitively priced and our support team are incredibly friendly and approachable.

Firmly at the centre of everything we do is you, the dental practice.

We have been providing dental practice management software to all types of practices for over 25 years. We have done that by listening to the dental practices we work with, developing tools that are beneficial to them in making their life easier. We have always collaborated with the NHS, catering for all the changes in requirements over the years, and indeed were one of the initial suppliers to develop the current NHS Prototype programme.

Our flagship product Edge allows for the full management of a dental practice. From patient and appointment management, clincal recording and referral monitoring, to patient correspondence and reporting, Edge has it all.

We are confident you will be pleasantly suprised when it comes to pricing, with the options of either software only licences (which covers the support and software updates), or software and hardware (which also covers the repair or replacement of faulty equipment). We produce regular software updates rather than making you wait months on end for any changes.

Benefits of allowing us to work with you

No 'Lock You In' Contracts

You should not have to lock yourself in to a contract to use dental software. You certainly should not lock yourself to one product just because you want to use another from the same company.

We do not lock you in. Use our software for as long as you like.

It is up to us to provide for you, and to support you, so you want to stay with us. The responsibility is on us, not you.

Don't limit your future choices.

Friendly and Approachable Support

We are proud of the support we provide. No sighing or eye-rolling from us, as there is no such thing as a daft question. Speak directly to one of the team and we'll make sure you are assisted in any way you need.

Choosing our software is only the start. We actively look to build relationships with our customers, and are only satisfied if we are providing you with the help you need.

Contact us as many times as you wish, it is no problem at all. We can either talk you through something over the phone, or connect to your computer remotely and control it with your permission.

Free Top Up Training

Need some extra training on a particular area of the system? Maybe because you want to harness the full flexibiltiy of the periodontal charting or want to make sure you are using the software in the quickest and easiest way possible?

No problem, we provide FREE bitesize online and 'over the phone' training sessions. These typically last up to an hour but can be shorter depending on your needs.

Whether it is one staff member or several, just arrange it with our support team (you don't have to arrange it weeks in advance) and we will help with whatever you wish.


Our Flagship Dental Practice Management Software

For practices who would like a fully featured, dental practice management software package, which is flexible and customisable to your needs. From patient management and correspondence, along with treatment charting, clinical notes, reporting and more.
Edge has it all.

Patient and Appointment Management

Manage your patients, keep in contact and record all important information. Easily book and view appointments, plan out your diaries and manage FTA's.

Clinical Recording and Charting

Plan and record treatments and write clinical notes faster with preset templates. Record items such as tooth charting, periodontal and soft tissue.

Patient Correspondence

Keep in contact with your patients via post, SMS, email or phone calls. View previous correspondence, easily recall and remind patients and bundle documents for easy printing or sending, such as a post treatment infomation pack.

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Imaging and X-Ray Integration

Integrate and access a variety of imaging and x-ray systems. If or when you purchase a newly available system, just let us know and we will develop the link for you.


Easily create and track referrals by accessing the e-referral provider for your region directly through our software. Also create and track other referral methods such as postal or NHS Mail.

Remote Forms

Save time and hassle by sending your patients forms and tasks for them to complete at home. Easily send them their unique link via SMS or email, and let them complete them at their leisure. COVID Screening forms, medical histories and more can be done in advance of their appointment.

And Much More...

...and also

SMS Messaging

SMS Messaging is a very effective way of communicating with patients. Send messages and keep track of their successful delivery, whilst saving time and money, and improve your failed to attend frequency.

Cloud Backups

Any method of backing up your data is vital. Store you backups offsite via our cloud backup service. We will monitor and contact you if your backup has not been successful. We can also give help and advice about other backup methods.

Label Printers & Labels

We can supply Zebra label printers for you to use with items such as appointment slips or payment receipts. We can also supply either plain labels, or labels that are pre-printed with your logo and information for a more personal feel.

Sterile Keyboards/Mice

Keep your surgical environment as sterile as it can be. Sterile mice and keyboards enable easy, wipe down sterilisation of these regularly used items.

Network Cabling

Network cabling allows your computers to talk to each securely without the security risks that Wi-fi enables. We can provide cabling services for however many network points you require.

Computer Equipment

Got your own computers already? Great, no problem. However, if you need computer equipment, we can supply it, but it's your choice. We do not pressure you either way. We can also help you purchase imaging and x-ray systems.

Paragon Freedom

Our alternative, slimline product

A slimline version of Paragon (predecessor to Edge), for a slimline cost, that is ideal for practices whom simply need an easy solution to manage patients and transmit treatment claims to the NHS, without the expense of a full system and features you do not require.
Quick, Simple, Effective

Paragon Freedom Laptop
Clinical Recording

Create claims with our easy, no hassle treatment plans. Save time by automatically creating clinical notes or type them in manually.

NHS Transmissions

Easily transmit your FP17 and FP17O forms to the NHS. Claim your UDA's, keep track of the transmission status and view any messages and schedules returned.

Patient Management

Manage your patients, keep in contact and record all important information.

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