About Us

We have been providing dental practice management software to all types of practices for over 25 years. Our flagship product Edge allows for the full management of a dental practice.

Before that though, starting back in 1990, we provided a barcode system based on the old DOS operating system, which allowed practices to utilise a set of barcodes for their treatments. This was superceded by Paragon, which was the mainstay of the company for many years, and is still used by dental practices today. In time though, most things change, and as such we now provide the Edge dental software.

We are a friendly yet professional UK based company (Nottingham to be precise). We put great value in creating an environment where our customers feel comfortable in giving us a call if they need to, and allowing them to feel confident that we will always help. We recognise that no two dental practices are the same, so the Edge dental software and our support team are suited to practices of all sizes and types.

We believe in frequent software releases, which allows us to react to the changing environment by implementing and releasing new features in as short a time as possible. We just don't think you should have to wait for months on end due to a long winded release schedule, when a software feature is ready to go. It's not helping you if it is just sat here looking pretty! It needs to be out there and in use by everyone. We are very receptive to software requests, and feedback from practices has formed a massive part in the development of Edge.

It sometimes comes across as a cliche when a company tells people they are like a family, yet that is exactly the environment that we have created.

Meet the Team

No one likes having to deal with a bunch of faceless people that you can never get hold of, so guess what, we're not! Although everyone has their own particular role to play, if something needs sorting, we'll all chip in to help. Quite frankly, if a dental practice needs assistance, we make sure they get it. Have a look below to see who you can have the good fortune to deal with (yes, we have three Davids, but we don't deliberately collect them, honest!).

Picture of Gordon Flint

Gordon Flint

Strategic Overlord
(Managing Director)

He will read this so we can only say good things!.....Oh nevermind. Days of running quickly are way in the past. Says he's not bothered that he's lost his hair, but does like a hat (coincidence?).

Picture of David York

David York

Growth Consultant
(Sales Director)

Co-founder of the company and has never escaped. Likes football, but strangely only when his team are winning.

Picture of Jason Clack

Helen Flint

Multi-Directional Finance Technician

Has a detailed and intimate knowledge of all holiday websites. Can recite the returns policy of most retailers verbatim. Married to Gordon, keeps him in check

Picture of Jason Clack

Jason Clack

Feature Manipulation Scientist
(Product Manager)

Likes obstacle racing, because he is essentially still a child and wants an excuse to get muddy and climb about on stuff. Will talk about football all day if you let him. Previous occasions of making fun of people for getting older, are now coming back to bite him.

Picture of Andrew Pelton

Andrew Pelton

Investigative Technical Guru
(Support Technician)

Best known for his love of board games where the rules take longer to understand than learning a new language. There is not yet a word to describe some of his tastes in music. Thinks we don’t know about his secret stash of cookies.

Picture of David Smith

David Smith

Issue Analysis Consultant
(Support Technician)

Another David. Interesting to observe his gradual realisation that bacon sandwiches every day, maybe aren't the best idea. Buys model cars to 'collect' them, absolutely and definately not to play with them.

Picture of David Freemantle

David Freemantle

Knowledge Facilitator
(Trainer / Support Technician)

Yet another David. Best known for being embarrassing in public without realising.
Likes photography and buying equipment that he doesn’t need. Impressively full head of hair for someone of his age.

Picture of Rebecca York

Rebecca Green-York

Creator of Opportunities
(Sales & Customer Success)

Previous experience of theatre, brings an artistic flair to the company. Loves reading (but books with no pictures, what's that all about?!). Returned a decade after doing work experience here.