Remote Patient Tasks

Patients can complete forms at home

7th May 2021

Had enough of calling patients and going through COVID and other questionnaires over the phone? Is it using up valuable resources in the practice?

Then send the forms to your patients in advance via SMS or email, and your patients can fill them in at home.

Configure your own patient forms that can used both within your Edge software in the practice, and also be sent to patients for them to fill out at their leisure. Patients will receive their unique link via SMS or email, which once accessed and they have logged in with their Surname and Date of Birth, will give them access to the forms and tasks that you have issued them.

It's not only forms that you can send them. It is also possible to send them information to read such as what to do when they arrive, a specific pre-treatment instruction list or even the practice opening hours.

Within the practice, you can easily view the forms and tasks that have been sent to patient, along with seeing whether the patient has completed the form or not. Once the patient has completed a form, it will instantly appear in your Edge software, ready for you to review the answers that the patient has provided.

Even though the patients can fill the forms in at home, the data is all stored within your practice, so you can be assured that you know where it is.

In the near future we will be expanding this even further, to allow tasks such as allowing the patient to indicate they have arrived in the car park at your practice, plus many more.