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Dental Practice Management Software

Edge is a fully featured, dental practice management software package, which is flexible and customisable to your needs. From patient management and correspondence, along with treatment charting, clinical notes, reporting and more.

Staff members can set up their system to suit themsleves and these settings will appear whichever computer you log on to. From re-ordering menu items, to full customisation of the Periodontal charting, Edge works as you do.

Kept up to date with the constantly evolving world of Dentistry, we consistently produce and release software updates to make sure you receive features as soon as possible. Why wait months on end for something we have already finished?

We don't sit in an isolated tower, we work with our customers and constantly listen to ideas and suggestions. After all, it is your dental software, so it should work for you.

Patient Details
Patient Management

You don't need us to tell you that your patients are central to everything you do. We get that, which is why Edge allows you to manage your patients, keep in contact and record all important information. Contact details, next of kin, family grouping, correspondence preferences, GDPR details and much more.

At a Glance...

Easy linking of families.

Easy searching and filtering of patients.

Quick access to all the important options such as medical histories, appointment history, financial information and more.

Quick view of information such as next appointment and balance.

Appointment Control

Appointments....the bedrock of your practice are easily managed. Track who's due in, who has failed to attend or who has cancelled at short notice. View as many staff diaries as you wish and easily view a quick list of patients due in today.

At a Glance...

Efficiently control your diaries by creating staff rotas and blocking off time. Want to add in some time for items such as a staff meeting or first aid training? No problem, simply add a staff or practice event.

Only want urgent appointments for an hour in the morning? No worries, just add a template which will only allow a particular appointment type to be booked.

Easily switch between appointment views (current, failed to attend, both and others)

Easily drag and drop appointments (with the option to confirm changes).

Use our 'Find Gap' feature to quickly find available times based on various criteria.

Appointment Book
Remote Tasks

Save time and hassle by sending your patients forms and tasks for them to complete at home. Easily send them their unique link via SMS or email, and let them complete them at their leisure. COVID Screening forms, medical histories and more can be done in advance of their appointment.

At a Glance...

Send patients their forms via SMS or email.

Send patients information sheets, such as pre or post treatment advice.

No time spent by clinicians on the phone manually completing forms.

Forms are fully configurable, allowing you to set your own bespoke questions.

Edge Anywhere - Remote Access

Arriving in early summer is our new Edge Anywhere solution. This provides the freedom of accessing the system from elsewhere such as at home, but also all the performance, functionality and security of your Edge system, in a way only a locally based system in your practice can offer. On top of this, with the combination of all your data being secure in your practice, but being able to access it from another location, you are creating your very own practice based cloud.

Don't be thwarted in the practice if your broadband goes down, your Edge system is still fully accessible and you can keep on working. Plus, you can be safe in the knowledge you know where your data is.

At a glance....

Securely access your system from outside of the practice.

Have your cake and eat it. Retain all the performance, functionality and security of your Edge system based in your practice.

Slow, intermittent or faulty broadband does not interrupt your working day.

Clinical Examinations
Teeth Charting
Teeth Charting

Utilise a graphical interface for easy charting of treatments, viewing proposed or completed items, tooth history and more. Save time by configuring your treatments within our button grid system, and even create yourself a favourites section, customisable for each clinician.

At a Glance...

Customisable treatment page layouts.

Create a a favourite list of treatments per clinician for speedy access.

View full tooth history for inidividual teeth.

Quickly mark treatments as complete on multiple teeth.

Quickly populate clinical notes with quick notes and tasks.

Clinical Examinations

Of course, in the progressive world of dentistry there are various other examinations that are recordable. For instance, Periodontal examinations in Edge are highly flexible and customisable with each clinician able to have their own settings. Edge delivers by allowing clinicians to specify options such as which direction to travel around the mouth, charting points (2, 4 or 6), which measurements you wish to record and more. Never chart recession? No problem, simply remove it as an option by default, but always with the capability of switching it back on from within a chart if suddenly it is needed.

On top of that you can chart soft tissue, hard tissue, head and neck, medical histories, social histories and more.

At a glance....

Extensive Periodontal charting with the ability to compare previous charts. Fully customisable for each staff member. Simply configure it to work the way you do.

Record various examinations using easy graphical charting (such as soft tissue and head and neck).

For Welsh practices we have built in a specific ACORN section to make your lives that bit easier.

Clinical Examinations

By working closely with orthodontists our Edge software has been designed to facilitate easy logging of Orthodontic clinical assessment data and track the progress of a patient through their orthodontic journey from being referred, added to a waiting list through to retention and archiving.

Our assessment lets you record all the main criteria and more. Items such as Skeletal Classification, FM Angle, Overjet, Overbite, Incisor Classification, Facial Symmetry and many more, are easily accessed and recorded.

The links to all the popular imaging systems are built into Edge, simply tick a box and the images are seamlessly linked with the patient's record.

At a Glance...

Access and record a variety of orthodontic assessment items.

Developed together the orthodontists over many years.

Link in with all the main (and more) imaging systems.


Get a handle on what's going on within the practice with our fast and flexible reporting. Run one of the many preset reports for quick and easy information. Read it on screen, print it out or export it to a file to use in programs such as MS Excel, it's up to you.

The preset reports are great, but if you want to use a slightly different set of criteria, each section has a report available for you to mix and match all of the available options. Fed up of entering the same criteria details every time you run a report? We put an end to that by you being able to save your criteria and then simply load it each time you run the report in the future. However, don't simply save a date, tell the report to work it out for itself such as specifiying for it to always use the start of the current month or to set the start date to automatically be 2 months ago.

At a Glance...

Report on a myriad of criteria.

Load and Save previously used critiera for quick access

View results on screen before printing or exporting to programs such as a Microsoft Excel.


It's your software, re-organise it to suit you. With a whole host of different options for either the practice as a whole, or for specific staff members, there's plenty of ways to customise how the software works for you.

Would you like reception staff to have the more administrative options near the top, yet have the clinical options more prominent for clinicans? Go right ahead, each staff member can re-order the options to suit themselves.

Want to colour code notes created by different clinicans for easy identication? No problem, simply alter the colour and the font size as well if you wish.

At a glance....

Re-organise menu items for each staff member.

Customise aspects such as Periodontal charting for each staff member.

Set various default screens and options for staff members.

Free Add-ons and Integrations

There are various extras that we provide free of charge. For instance, you can provide your patients with tablets to digitially sign NHS forms such as FP17's and medical histories. You buy the Windows based tablets and we'll set them up and train you for free.

We are happy to integrate with other software. We already integrate a wide range of imaging and x-ray systems. If for any reason the system you purchase is not currently linked, just let us know and we'll set to work on it. Unless it's incredibly bespoke or requires ancient hieroglyphics and some form of telepathy, then like most things we provide, we'll do it free of charge.

E-referrals are also integrated allowing you to easily create and manage what's happening with your patient referrals.

Free Add Ons